Infrared filters

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J. Andrzej Wrotniak has written a nice summary of infrared filters in his Infrared photography with a digital camera. In addition to the filter summary, this piece is a great introduction to anyone wanting a quick primer to infrared photography.

Canon A80 infrared photographs

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I’ve been enjoying playing with my new Hoya R72 IR filter.
You can see from some of my first attempts at infrared photography that the results are somewhat inconsistent at the moment.

All of these shots were taken with a Canon A80 with very minimal post processing (Used Firework’s Auto Levels filter for some and adjusted the brightness/contrast for others). I initially used the A80’s shutter priority mode, but this mode always resulted in an ISO setting of 400, which created too much noise for my taste. I later used the full manual mode to set the ISO at 100, resulting in much less noise. The lower ISO setting, of course, required that I take longer exposures, but most of my shots didn’t require more than about 1.5 seconds. I still need to mess around a little more to consistently get my IR pictures in focus, which is a little difficult, since the LCD preview is rather dark with the filter. Setting a smaller aperture should also help in this regard (most of my shot were taken at F2.8), although this will require even longer exposures. I guess it’s time to start looking for a nice tripod.

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