Canon EOS Beginners’ FAQ III - Lenses

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Canon EOS Beginners’ FAQ III - Lenses

This is a nice introduction to Canon lenses, along with purchasing tips for the beginner.

Epson R-D1 Review

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The Luminous Landscape has posted a review of the Epson R-D1 digial rangefinder camera, which accepts Leica L and M mount lenses. I’ve always been a fan of images taken with Leica rangefinders, and, after seeing some of the sample images in this review, all I can think is “I want, I want, I want!!”. Now if only I had $3000 for the camera and another $3000 for lenses, I’d be all set.


Zeldman sucks no more

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Jeffrey Zeldman writes about quiting smoking and how it has put a damper on his writing and designing, since he has habitually linked smoking and creating for 30 years.

Hearing these stories make me dread my own smoking cessation, which I hope to accomplish sooner rather than later. When I think about it, I have a hard time even writing a simple blog entry smoke-free. Well, it’s not like I ever thought quiting would be easy.

This entry was written in collaboration R.J. Reynolds ;)


Yahoo vs Google

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Yahoo vs. Google and some other interesting search engine links.

Google - Yahoo Comparison: Compare the Search Results
yahoo! vs. google: information architecture
goRank Research - Yahoo Keyword Density Analysis Comparison to Google
Web Search Engines Comparison Chart Ranking - Search engine results and ranking optimization with thumbnail screenshots. Thumbnails screenshots snapshots thumbshot pictures images

CSS links

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CSS2 - Tableless forms
CSS Hacks
CSS2 - 100% height
mezzoblue § CSS Problem-Solving
where to now?
Non-standard CSS transparency effects
Learning CSS
Fixed Positioning for Internet Explorer on Windows
Online CSS Optimiser/Optimizer : flumpCakes
Won’t somebody please think of the gerbils? [dive into mark] Tutorials: CSS Uberlinks - Web Standards Resources
Matthew Thomas » When semantic markup goes bad
Citations and quotes | clagnut/blog software

Urban Legends and Hoaxes Resource Center

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The link dump continues
Urban Legends and Hoaxes Resource Center
Urban Legends Reference Pages

HTML links: Why validate and other stuff

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“HTML validation” is just a tool
Defending Structural Markup
Why You Should Validate Your HTML
Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don’t change.
Site Valet - Why Validate?
4 Reasons to Validate your HTML
HTML Station–Welcome
Digital Web Magazine - Optimizing Your Chances with Accessibility

Versions of Truth — blog: Web standards and accessibility weblogs, etc.
Web Development Bookmarklets
XHTML vs. HTML from Kynn Bartlett on 2003-06-25 ( from April to June 2003)
Making a Semantic Web
Matthew Thomas » When semantic coders go bad
Bad XHTML @ The Autistic Cuckoo
Sending XHTML as text/html Considered Harmful


CSS2 - 100% height

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Peter-Paul Koch has a useful tutorial on using CSS to set elements to 100% height. I remember being flummoxed with this the first time I attempted it, especially when trying to get it to work in all browsers. I wish I had had access to this tutorial then.

Russian Rangefinders

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While I’ve been pining for a new Canon 20D, I’ve been reading up on cameras and photography in general a good bit. During one of my countless surfing sessions, I came across a few sites talking about Soviet rangefinder cameras. Most of these are Leica clones. The general consensus is that these cameras are great values.

Perhaps I’ll feed my gadget addiction with one of these cheap, old-school cameras.

Another use for those stray remotes

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I found a page containing an ingenious method for ascertaining a camera’s sensitivity to infrared. You simply point an infrared remote at it and look at the preview LCD to see how bright of a spot the remote makes.

This tip should help out those who are wondering how sensitive their cameras are to IR and don’t want to spend the bucks on an IR filter only to find out that their camera isn’t very good for IR photography.


View Page Structure - Resources -

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I ran across this cool web app that let’s you view a page’s structure. This could come in handy for debugging CSS inheritance issues on pages.

More infrared pictures

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I’ve added a couple more pictures to my infrared gallery. The new additions mostly consist of existing pictures that have had their levels tweaked in photoshop to give them a blue sky.

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