RAW 4-way comparison

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On the FredMiranda forums, a user posted a RAW 4-way comparison of Abode Camera Raw, Canon Digital Photoprofessional, Bibble Pro, and Raw Shooter Essential, showing side-by-side output of all 4 programs.

Progressive News - A Tale of Two Leadership Styles by Arianna Huffington

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All I could think while reading A Tale of Two Leadership Styles, a piece written by Arianna Huffington was: Is this really Arianna Huffington who is ogling over Andrew Stern? Not that I’m complaining, but this and other happenings, such as Ed Koch deciding to vote for Bush show the strange political times that we live in.


Julian’s Lens Calculator

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Julian’s Lens Calculator is like a depth of field calculator on steroids. Lots of fun clicking here :)

Review of Photoshop CS2

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The article Beta Testers on Photoshop CS2: We’re Impressed has some useful comments about some of the new features in Photoshop CS. In particular, reading the piece on CS2’s new sharpening features makes me want to plunk down the cash to pick up Adobe’s latest offering.


Canon USA Consumer Products - EF Lenses 101 - Focal Length Comparison

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The Canon Focal Length Comparison is a nifty bit of flash that shows the approximate field of view of various lens focal lengths. Personally, I found it surprising how much little extra reach a 400mm lens gave compared to a 300mm.

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