Accessibility and standards-based design

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Accessibility benefits of “standards-based design” and “structural markup”

I wrote this little piece for an accessibility workshop that I was going to be teaching at IU. Unfortunately, the workshop didn’t attract enough enrollment and had to be canceled. Perhaps accessibility and web standards aren’t as hot a topic as I’d thought. Maybe students think that accessibility won’t help them “get a job”. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the article.


Some simple linking advice

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Webcredible has published a nice article on Writing effective link text. A couple of the included link tips include “Ensure link text is descriptive of its destination” and “Place important words at the front of link text”.

These bits of advice on a simple, yet often overlooked, aspect of web design remind me quite a bit of Steve Krug’s writing.


CSS Problem-Solving

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Dave Shea has complied some CSS Problem-Solving tips that he used to help debug Tim Bray’s site.

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