Is a Kerry victory the best for the democrats?

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The Guardian published a thought-provoking piece, Pity the man who wins this election .


Fantasy baseball fun

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Any of you who play fantasy baseball might get a kick out of my friends reply to this ridiculous lowball trade offer

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Fwd: Fantasy Baseball

This trade has been proposed to you in Fantasy Ballers (417750).

Go Bucks
M. Lieberthal
D. Lowe

Glenmoore Slamaz
V. Martínez
B. Sheets

(friend’s response to this low-ball offer)

Can’t say you didn’t warn me about lowball offers from
postings. My reply went as follows.

“Clearly, you think I am a Jackass. I can assure you
that the sentiment is returned.

Martinez production has been matched among catchers
only by Pudge. Ben Sheets has been among the five most
dominant pitchers in baseball, rivaled only by
Santana, the Unit, and Schmidt.

I am saddened by the realization that there are no
words to send to you that you will find as insulting
as I found your proposal.”

Also, I sent a counterproposal of Helton and A Benitez
for Conine and A Rhodes.


What’s new in Photoshop CS

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O’reilly has a nice article outlining what’s new in Photoshop CS.

Cheap books

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I typically do my book shopping at Amazon, because I like their service and their prices are always competitive. However, I’m noticed that Amazon sells some titles for list price, and this clearly won’t do :). It’s one thing to pay a couple extra dollars to buy from a site that I like, trust, and am used to, but it’s another thing altogether to pay retail on a $50 book when you could save 30% or more by going to another site.

I came across a nice book price comparison site today,, that speeds up finding cheap book prices.


Firefox .9.2

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The Mozilla Foundation released version 0.9.2 of it’s popular Firefox browser earlier this week. This browser fixed a security vulnerability.

Also, in case you were wondering, 0.9.2 still works with the Firefox spell check extension.

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