Once again, it’s baseball season!

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Go Tribe!


Barry Bonds’ Home Runs

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I’ve created a table of Barry Bonds’ Home Runs, organized by year. Man, that’s a lot of dingers.


The fruits of my labor

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All those nights poring over baseball stats have finally paid off. I’m #24 on this week’s Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball Leaderboard. I don’t know exactly how many total teams are registered in Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, but I have another team that’s not bad and its overall rank is 230,066. I’m figuring that there are over half a million total teams, so having a team rank 24th is quite a feat. Yay for me!! My life is now complete :p.


Fantasy baseball fun

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Any of you who play fantasy baseball might get a kick out of my friends reply to this ridiculous lowball trade offer

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Fwd: Fantasy Baseball

This trade has been proposed to you in Fantasy Ballers (417750).

Go Bucks
M. Lieberthal
D. Lowe

Glenmoore Slamaz
V. Martínez
B. Sheets

(friend’s response to this low-ball offer)

Can’t say you didn’t warn me about lowball offers from
postings. My reply went as follows.

“Clearly, you think I am a Jackass. I can assure you
that the sentiment is returned.

Martinez production has been matched among catchers
only by Pudge. Ben Sheets has been among the five most
dominant pitchers in baseball, rivaled only by
Santana, the Unit, and Schmidt.

I am saddened by the realization that there are no
words to send to you that you will find as insulting
as I found your proposal.”

Also, I sent a counterproposal of Helton and A Benitez
for Conine and A Rhodes.

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