Night Photography by Larrie Thomson - Night Photographer Dot Com

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Night Photography by Larrie Thomson

Very cool night photos.

Jay Arraichs Photoshop Tips

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Jay Arraich has put together a nice collection of basic Photoshop Tips. I might have to go over these and brush up on my PS skills a little.

Digital Camera RAW Converter Comparisons

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I found a nice article comapring various RAW converters. I’ve heard good things about Capture One, but, after reading this review, I’m not sure that it’s worth the price of admission when the converters that ships with Canon cameras and photoshop CS compare favorably to this product.

BTW, I finally bought myself a present: A clean secondhand 10D. :)


Noise Reduction Tool Comparison

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Michael Almond has posted an update to his excellent Noise Reduction Tool Comparison. He concludes that Noise Ninja is the overall best tool. I’ve been using Noiseware, which I’ve found tends to work very well with its default settings. Noise Ninja seemed to require too much tweaking to get good results. Perhaps I was just being lazy :). I might download Noise Ninja again and give it another try.


Canon 10D vs 20D

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I’ve bugged just about everyone in my personal, corporeal life with my contemplations of which digital SLR to eventually buy (Yes, I do plan on purchasing a DSLR and not just endlessly shop for one. I really, really do!). Since I’ve already bugged everyone in my everyday life with my excessive preoccupation with this hopefully imminent purchase, I figured that I’d share this preoccupation with everyone on the Web :P.

So here’s what I’m dealing with.

  1. I’d really like a full frame camera like a Canon 1DS, or even an almost full frame camera like a 1D Mk II
  2. There is no way that I can afford such a camera right now
  3. A Canon 20D would appear to be the best option that’s within my price range.
  4. I have a feeling that I’d find the APS-sized sensor of the 20D less than optimal, since I tend to prefer the wide angle perspective.
  5. Thus, I see myself moving to a full frame camera eventually.
  6. With this eventual move in mind, I have a hard time justifying the cost of the 20D.
  7. So I’ve been thinking about picking up a digital Rebel or a used 10D.
  8. Decisions, decisions, deisions

Anyway, here are some links that I’ve been perusing lately. Canon 10D vs. 20D EOS 20D verseus EOS 10D comparison Canon EOS 10D with some comments on the EOS 20D Canon 10d or 20d
Nikon D70 (kit w/ lens) vs Canon 10D vs Canon 20D for newbie

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