Max Design - Ideal line length for content

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Max Design has a nice article on the ideal line length for content. The article also outlines some CSS techniques for ensuring that your pages adhere to guidelines for ideal line length.


Full CSS Property Compatibility Chart

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The website for Keith Schengili-Roberts’ book, Core CSS, has a very nice CSS property compatibility chart.

Not only does the chart show browser compatibility for each browser, but is also provides the syntax and a sample for each property. A quite bookmarkable page.


CSS links

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CSS2 - Tableless forms
CSS Hacks
CSS2 - 100% height
mezzoblue § CSS Problem-Solving
where to now?
Non-standard CSS transparency effects
Learning CSS
Fixed Positioning for Internet Explorer on Windows
Online CSS Optimiser/Optimizer : flumpCakes
Won’t somebody please think of the gerbils? [dive into mark] Tutorials: CSS Uberlinks - Web Standards Resources
Matthew Thomas » When semantic markup goes bad
Citations and quotes | clagnut/blog software


CSS2 - 100% height

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Peter-Paul Koch has a useful tutorial on using CSS to set elements to 100% height. I remember being flummoxed with this the first time I attempted it, especially when trying to get it to work in all browsers. I wish I had had access to this tutorial then.


CSS Problem-Solving

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Dave Shea has complied some CSS Problem-Solving tips that he used to help debug Tim Bray’s site.

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